Salty Rooster Story

Jim Sagiotis, founder of Salty Rooster began his career in hospitality at the tender age of 15. Throughout the many challenging, fun and rewarding years that came and went, Jim contemplated embarking on a new adventure with solo aspirations and greater community interaction. The vision came to fruition with the creation of the first Salty Rooster store in Narrabeen in 2005. Of course this was not the end, this was just the beginning with the vision to create a Salty Rooster Revolution.

With passion the primary ingredient, a strong vision to have every individual worldwide experiencing the “Salty Effect” the second Salty Rooster store opened in Manly in 2008. Not denying there hasn’t been some challenges, Jimmy has persevered, stayed true to his passion and vision, and has maintained the product promise - the ‘Salty Promise’. Passion, quality and freshness, delivered in a relaxed, friendly and energetic environment.

Quick to joining the Salty Rooster Revolution has been the Manly Rugby League team whose head trainer heavily endorses Salty Rooster as a preferred fast food option.

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