Jimmy Sagiotis - Founder of Salty Rooster.

Jimmy fell in love with food and people at a very young age. Living and breathing this industry since the age of 17, Jimmy has built a reputation among family, friends and the marketplace for his passion for food and appreciation of people.

Starting his career as a teenager Jimmy had his sights set on learning everything he could in the food industry. Beginning as a waiter in a restaurant, he learnt everything there was to know about the most important ingredient to success– the consumer. As a waiter, Jimmy gained a wealth of knowledge, listening and learning about what the customer liked and didn’t like.

Learning how to cook and work in the kitchen was a natural transition for a young man with a big vision. Jimmy in the early days worked for free absorbing all the knowledge he could about food preparation and creation.  As Jimmy’s knowledge and experience grew so did Jimmy’s love for food and people continue to grow.

From Restaurants to Fast Food

Seizing the opportunity, in his mid twenties, to run a takeaway outlet in Luna Park in Sydney, Jimmy learnt the importance of serving great tasting food, building client numbers and ensuring they kept them coming back for more. Seeing the potential in this fast moving, fast food industry, Jimmy purchased a chicken shop in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which became the first Salty Rooster Store in 2005.

Jimmy has come a long way from selling 25 burgers a day with numbers reaching the 400 mark every day.  He has mastered his craft and his passion for food. He simply loves and appreciates people which has contributed to his success.

With a vision to bring great tasting burgers to everyone across globe, a strict insistence on high standards of freshness and quality, and providing a genuinely vibrant and inviting atmosphere, Salty Rooster is simply the place to be, and the place to get hold of these outstanding and irresistible chicken  burgers.

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